At first glance, things like walkways and driveways might seem to be functional components with very little aesthetic appeal. In some cases, this is true. Yet in others, a custom walkway or driveway can really enhance the look of your home and your landscaping.

Here at CM’s our design and installation teams have years of experience creating walkways and driveways for residential areas as well as commercial properties. We can work with you at every step of the way to make sure that the end results meet your functional and aesthetic needs.

Something like a paving stone walkway can significantly boost the visual appeal of your landscaping and even add to your home’s curb appeal and value. It can be a big benefit if you are thinking about selling your home, or you just want to make some updates to the existing landscaping.

Driveways, Paved Paths, and Pads

Driveways, paved paths, and pads also play a functional role for providing vehicles and equipment with access to your property or site. In the past, driveways were essentially functional things that may be needed an occasional reapplication of seal coat. Today they can be enhanced with different coloration, or even coated to create a visually appealing pattern.

Understanding Your Options

Interlocking Walkway Paving Stones

Interlocking walkway paving stones have a reputation for being durable and visually appealing. Paving stone manufacturers offer a wide range of colors and materials to match your vision for the walkway. They are designed to stand up to long-term weather exposure with minimal effects. There are several versions available with non-skid properties for areas near pools and water features.

One other advantage of paving stones is the ability to replace a single stone should suffer a chip or unsightly stain. CM’s can easily remove the flawed stone and quickly replace it.

As needed we can always use colors that help any walkway to match the existing hardscape features. This allows them to share the same visual appeal as the rest of the landscaping concepts.

Natural Stone Paths

Stone walkways provide a lot of charm as well as add natural beauty to your landscaping and your home. There are a variety of options available. While natural stone is popular, it can also be costly and labor intensive to install. Modern technology and material advancements offer stones made from artificial materials that look very much like they come straight from nature.


Concrete is very functional and durable. It can be poured into just about any shape you can imagine, and modern technology has made it just about as resistant to chipping and cracking as a walkway made from paving stones. Some of our clients will also reach out to us to have a new pad poured for an outlying structure like a large garden shed or to pour a concrete garage floor.

Of course, concrete isn’t just for walkways and garage floors. Recent advances in concrete chemistry and installation techniques mean that it can now be used to create custom countertops for your deck or patio. Its versatility means it can take just about any shape you can imagine, and it can be tinted, textured, or coated to boost visual appeal.

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties often benefit from hardscape features that accent their corporate brand or simply add aesthetic value to the exterior. Paving stone walkways can use matching color schemes with a visually pleasing pattern. Concrete can be poured into custom shapes and can be tinted, coated, or shaded as needed.

Adding something like an outdoor seating area of patio to a commercial site can give employees and guests with a place to relax on break or when waiting for a meeting. It can also help to enhance the perceived value of the site, compared to other locations which might look like little more than stark structures.

Creating a custom entryway to match your properties existing façade can also serve to impress visitors. The walkways can further be enhanced with other hardscape features like retaining walls, raised bed gardens, and outdoor benches. Softscape features like trees and shrubs can also add visual appeal and improve the natural flow of a walkway leading to the main doors.

CM’s has years of experiencing working with site architects to ensure that we match all your visual specifications. Anytime it is needed our designers can take your input to develop a new image unique to your commercial property or institution.