At first glance, things like walkways and driveways might seem to be functional components with very little aesthetic appeal. In some cases, this is true. Yet in others, a custom walkway or driveway can really enhance the look of your home and your landscaping.

Here at CM’s our design and installation teams have years of experience creating walkways and driveways for residential areas as well as commercial properties. We can work with you at every step of the way to make sure that the end results meet your functional and aesthetic needs.

Something like a paving stone walkway can significantly boost the visual appeal of your landscaping and even add to your home’s curb appeal and value. It can be a big benefit if you are thinking about selling your home, or you just want to make some updates to the existing landscaping.

Driveways, Paved Paths, and Pads

Driveways, paved paths, and pads also play a functional role for providing vehicles and equipment with access to your property or site. In the past, driveways were essentially functional things that may be needed an occasional reapplication of seal coat. Today they can be enhanced with different coloration, or even coated to create a visually appealing pattern.