As time goes on even the nicest looking turf can start to experience problems and lose its once verdant luster. There are a variety of factors that can affect the appearance of your lawn and the overall health of your turf. Changes in the underlying soil nutrients, soil compaction, the buildup of thatch and dead grass clippings, just to name a few. Getting your turf off to a good start and taking the important steps to maintain it, will maximize its overall health and long-term appearance.

Mowing Services

Don’t just trust your mowing needs with any landscaper. Our experienced, reliable and trained staff are the familiar faces you’ll regularly see who understand the complexities of your unique lawn. We know how important it is to have that perfectly lush green carpet each time you look at your property. Our landscapers care for your lawn and respect the aesthetics of the entire property as if it were their own. From hot summer days to freezing nights, your lush lawn needs proper cutting, maintenance and care to be in pristine shape day after day. We’re here to help make that happen with unmatched services that will far surpass your expectations and satisfaction.


The first step in establishing a beautiful lawn starts with proper seeding and aeration. CM’s offers expert insights for selecting the ideal grass seed mixture for your lawn. Our professional seeding techniques ensure your lawn will be properly prepared. Then our highly trained technicians will use state of the art equipment and best practices to create turf with a strong base.

Sod Installation

In some cases, seeding isn’t the best option for improving or establishing a lawn. In times like this, CM’s will often recommend installing sod onto the existing soil. This might also include preparing the soil with additional aeration, soil amendments or other measures to maximize the sod’s chances of successfully establishing itself.

We have access to various high-quality sources of sod and we can find just the right type for your site. Our professional installers have years of experience laying sod to marry it seamlessly to other softscape and hardscape elements of your landscaping.

Consistent and even watering is essential for helping sod establish itself and continue to thrive. For new sod, it’s better to thoroughly water two or more times per day, rather than simply one massive soaking. Of course, our extreme Nebraska weather conditions and the timing of the season can also be major factors. Our experienced sod installers and knowledgeable experts can help you understand the watering strategy that is best to help your sod thrive.

Aerating helps to maintain a healthy lawn.


Healthy turn needs proper aeration to allow grass seed roots to thrive. Soil that has been compacted or choked with old thatch struggles to provide adequate oxygen, water, and other important nutrients to the root base. A properly aerated lawn allows grass to absorb nutrients allowing the turf to thrive.

If you suspect your lawn needs aeration, you can check by inserting a standard screwdriver into the soil. If the turn resists, you likely need aeration to allow the turf to accept water and other nutrients before it suffers more distress.

Leaf Clean-Up & Power Raking

Falls leaves tend to pile up quickly. A few days of strong wind at just the right time in the season can turn what was once colorful foliage can strip your trees and fill your lawn with a massive nuisance. At CM’s we offer professional leaf removal services. This includes power raking collect and eliminates leaves quickly.

If you would like, we can also help with other fall cleanup and winter preparations to help protect your landscaping investment or simply help it get a head start on spring.


At CM’s we understand that life can keep you busy and watering your new sod might not always be your top priority. An automated irrigation system can help prevent these problems. Not only will it apply the right amount of water at the right time, it also saves you time and money. If you don’t have an existing irrigation system CM’s can install one as part of the sod installation process.

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Weed Control

Perennial and annual weeds are an unfortunate reality for every lawn. Their seeds fly on the wind, tiny roots can linger in the subsoil, or they are simply carried by birds, insects, and other pests. Once they establish a presence in your turf they can be hard to eliminate on your own.

At CM’s our menu of lawn maintenance services includes a variety of weed control options. The one that is best for your turf will depend on several factors, including the type of weeds, the state of your turf, the time of the season, and more. After a basic assessment, we can help you understand which options are right for your situation.

Prevention is also a key factor in keeping weeds from becoming established in the first place. Our lawn care technicians keep a close eye on the health of our client’s turf, including possible weed issues. This includes recommending possible prevention measures for your turf, as well as your personal preference.

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