Most trees and shrubs have different care needs that change throughout their life cycle as well as during a single year. Things like proper fertilization, and pruning are often time sensitive. With some trees and shrubs pruning at the wrong time of year can set the plant back and potentially leave it susceptible to disease!

CM’s has a team of highly trained and experienced landscape maintenance technicians who can help you maintain healthy as well as visually attractive trees and shrubs that last for years.

Tree, Shrub, And Perennial Planting

Whether you are starting from scratch, renovating your existing landscaping, or updating your trees and shrubs, professional planting can be just as important as routine maintenance. CM’s will select only the healthiest and strongest specimens for your project, and make sure they are planted with care in properly balanced and prepared soil.

This can also include other important factors like staking young plants for added structural integrity, applying tree rings to protect from animals and pests, pruning for maximum long-term foliage development, mulching, and much more.