CM’s employs a team of certified and experienced arborists and landscape maintenance professionals that will help you maintain healthy and visually attractive trees and shrubs. We do all the heavy lifting to ensure that your entire property is looking pristine during all seasons. From cutting edge pest control and fertilization methods, to necessary upkeep that comes with normal growth or storm damage, you can be confident that your property will be the envy of everyone who gazes upon it.

Tree And Shrub Fertilization

Annual and even seasonal fertilization can make a major difference with a wide range of trees. This is especially true for fruiting trees that flower beautifully in the spring and provide you with potential snacks in the summer and fall. Providing them with the correct nutrients they need at each phase of the season will maximize a tree or shrubs appeal as well as its productivity.

Tree Trimming

Mature trees are prized by many property owners for their beauty and ability to provide comfortable summer shade. Yet all trees continue to grow over time. This can lead to branches that loom dangerously over the roof of your house or other structures. Some taller trees can even block RF signals and potentially limit satellite TV reception.

CM’s has a team of professionally trained and certified tree trimming specialists. They can carefully trim and alter the shape of your trees without you having to risk life and limb.

Tree Removal And Stump Grinding

Sometimes a tree is damaged, diseased, or simply so old that it starts slowly dying. In some of these situations the best option is to remove it and the above ground stump. Of course, this can be a daunting and potentially dangerous task for the average homeowner who may not have experience with felling trees or using heavy equipment.

CM’s has certified specialists with years of experience felling and removing trees. This includes using special equipment to grind and eliminate all above ground stump presence.

Tree And Shrub Pruning

Trees and shrubs are organic things. As such they can sometimes grow in erratic ways depending on things like soil conditions, availability of sunlight, and seasonal changes. When they become overgrown, it can leave them susceptible to disease, lead to the death of interior or lower branches, and potentially cause dead spots in your lawn.

Some trees also need to be trained to a specific shape and style to be productive. This is especially true with certain fruit trees, where something like an apple tree will benefit from being pruned to maintain a strong central core, while a cherry tree may suffer from fungal problems if it is not pruned to have an open center.

The time of year that is best to prune a tree can vary. For example, if you prune an oak at the wrong time of year it can lead to a wound which is highly susceptible to a disease. Some shrubs will sulk and show signs of stress if they are pruned too heavily or at a time of year when they don’t have the sunlight and water to fully recover.

CM’s’s technicians understand this broad range of factors and we can prune your trees with precision at precisely the right time of year.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Powerful thunderstorms, direct winds, heavy snows, and other forms of severe weather can wreak havoc on trees and shrubs. This can lead to broken branches, damaged limbs, excess tree litter, and other hard to deal with debris.

CM’s has a team of experienced professional who can help deal with direct storm damage as well as cleanup. When we are done your trees and shrubs will look at good as possible, and we’ll take any unwanted debris with us.

Winter Tree Care

If not protected from the elements during the winter months, stress or hibernating animals can cause significant damage on trees, especially newly planted or young trees. Ice buildup can lead to drooping branches that may break under the weight of the snow. This is why it’s important to prune and even mulch to increase winter soil temperature. We will evaluate every tree on your property to determine what type of protection from things like salt, excess snow and animals your trees need to ensure a healthy cycle once we reach the spring and summer months.

Most sprinkler systems are designed specifically to provide your turf with the proper amount of water it requires — not your trees, shrubs, and perennial plants. Depending on their root systems, some plants gather water closer to the surface while others look much deeper in the soil to quench their thirst. It is important to understand these varying needs to deliver the proper amount of water in the right places for your ornamental plants to thrive.

CM’s not only understands custom zoning based on plant needs (it’s standard on the systems we install), but also the importance of new technologies that provide more effective and efficient watering solutions. We can renovate your existing sprinkler system to include these features and ensure that your trees, shrubs, and perennials are receiving what they need.

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Disease Prevention And Pest Control


An exotic beetle which kills ash trees

EAB - Emerald Ash Borer

Adult Beetles are metallic green and about 1/2″ long leaving a D-shaped exit hole in the bark.

Japanese Beetle

Emerald & copper beetles destroy plants and eat leaves.

Japanese Beetle

Considered the most widespread turf-grass pests in the US, they threaten trees, bushes, gardens and more.


They build homes & destroy foliage & entire trees


Found to attack more than 120 types of trees, they eat buds and foliage until it causes defoliation or the tree dies.

Trees and shrubs are often inviting places for pests as well as potentially damaging microbes. Even something as simple as a squirrel den or ant’s nest in a tree can leave it susceptible to a wide range of other problems. Anyone of which could eventually lead to the total loss of the tree.

At CM’s we are well-versed and experienced in dealing with diseases and pests that affect trees and shrubs. A professional inspection can identify any existing problems and high-risk areas, we can then help you understand the most applicable treatment options.

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