Solutions For The Future, Now.

Introducing, CM’s SOLAR GREEN — Omaha’s ONLY battery-powered lawn care division! With both residential and commercial solutions, SOLAR GREEN is a better way forward for the environment — a better way forward for you!

No Fumes

Our battery-powered equipment uses no gas and no oil which means zero dangerous emissions for you!

No Pollution

In the same amount of time, one walk-behind gas lawn mower emits the same amount of pollutants as eight cars. One riding mower = 34 cars!

Less Noise

Battery-powered equipment produces up to 50% less noise that traditional lawn equipment meaning less strain on your ears and less disruption in your community.

People Fueled By Passion, Equipment Powered By The Sun.

Battery-powered Services Include:

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Tree Pruning and Removal

  • Perennial and Shrub Care

  • Landscape Maintenance