There’s a line in an old classic song talking about how the weather outside is frightful. The ravages of the Midwestern winter is no exception to this notion. Freezing rain, snow, high winds, snow drifts, and icy conditions can be difficult to deal with and sometimes even dangerous.

At CM’s, we don’t just put our feet up in the winter and stay warm. Our focus instead turns to providing winter services to the surrounding area. This includes things like ice management and snow removal services.

Just like you, we always have an eye on the forecast and an ear listening for any updates. When a winter storm looms large, our crews go into standby mode ready to help clients who subscribe to our winter snow removal services as well as families who need help dealing with snow cleanup.

When snow isn’t removed in a timely manner, cold temperatures can lead to issues with refreezing, compaction, and even create more hazardous conditions that make it increasingly difficult to remove. Fortunately, we are always monitoring the weather and keep our crews ready to be deployed.

Residential Snow Removal Services

Property owners who subscribe to our service benefit from things like site evaluations, weather monitoring, and equipment calibration. It’s always helpful to get a clear picture of the lay of the land before the storm hits. Many times, when excess snow piles can linger long after the storm.

Our menu of services includes things like:

  • Plowing out your driveway
  • Clearing away snow blocking your mailbox
  • Removing snow from walkways and decks
  • Applying salt or anti-icing agents to help prevent slips, skids, and falls