Outdoor living and entertaining is one of the most appealing aspects of home ownership. If you have recently purchased a new home or your current home lacks significant landscaping, you might be considering a new deck or patio.

Here at CM’s one of our areas of specialty involves hardscape design and installation including patios and decks of every scale. Our highly trained and experienced designers can work with you to capture your vision for your outdoor space. We can then present you with a variety of options and concepts to consider.


Patios are sometimes known by other terms like veranda or lanai. It’s essentially an outdoor space near a home or other structure. Most are paved or made from pavers or natural stone. They can have special features like an outdoor fire pit, grill, pergola, steps, or other features like accent lighting.

Our designers and installation technicians have developed a wide range of patios for homeowners as well as commercial properties. We can work with you to develop a plan for integrating a deck into your existing outdoor space, landscaping, or as part of a larger landscaping plan.


The evolution of modern technology, materials, and construction techniques allows for a wide range of creativity in deck designs. Our experienced design team can help you understand the options that will work best for your vision as well as your budget.

There are many different special features that can be incorporated into a deck design such as

  • Arbors
  • Pergola – covered or uncovered
  • Grill or other outdoor cooking area
  • Fountains
  • Pools
  • Hot tub
  • Accent lighting
  • Planters
  • Integrated seating and tables

Our goal is to create a space that will transform your outdoor living experience. Whether you need a place for the kids to play, a deck for hosting family and friends or simply someplace to sit and watch the sun go down at the end of a long day, we can make your vision a reality.

High-Quality Materials

We understand that any landscaping project is a serious investment. An outdoor living space like a deck or patio is no different. These spaces tend to get a lot of use, and the materials used in their construction needs to be durable enough to last for many years to come.

At CM’s our designers are always careful to advise you on the best quality products. Our professional installers also use a discerning eye when selecting materials for your specific build. This helps to ensure that your deck or patio both meets your vision as well as providing you with a full return on your investment.