Welcome to CM’s Residential Quote Builder where you can build a personalized quote from our catalog of professional lawn care services!

We have built this tool to help you better understand all your options when it comes to the care of your property and receive instant pricing on the services that are important to you. By using the Quote Builder, you are not obligated to purchase services.

Before You Get Started…

Our lawn care services are based on the area of your lawn. You will need to know this information in order to build an accurate quote. If you don’t know how much turf you have, watch this 90 second tutorial first. It will show you how to easily obtain this information using Google Maps.

Ready To Build?

Start by selecting the area of your lawn from the “Turf Area” drop-down menu below.

Next, you can select one of our Service Packages and instantly save on select services, or select “Build My Own” to start creating a completely custom quote — it’s up to you!

CM’s Essential, Complete, and Premier packages allow you to combine various lawn fertilizer programs with weed control, aeration, and seeding options — the very basics that we recommend. To these you can add mowing, mosquito control, leaf clean-ups, and more. Got moles? No problem. You can choose from two control methods!

For a description of all services, please refer to the Service Toggles on the right (below on mobile).

You've built a quote. Now what?

Once you have made all your selections, click “Next.” In order to ensure the accuracy of your quote, we need to verify your turf area and applicable tax rate — your online price is contingent upon the accuracy of these items. To do so, we ask for your address and contact information on page two. After you click “Submit,” a PDF version of your quote is generated for you to download.

Service Toggles

CM’s Lawn Care Packages

This package is great for homeowners who prefer the best — for those that take notice of verdant, carpet-like lawns and want to make sure their own is counted among them, Premier is also great for heavily shaded lawns where it is difficult to maintain turfgrass.

  • CM’s Premier Includes:
    • Fertilizer Program of your choice
    • Weed Control Sprays
    • Double Plug Aeration (Fall)
    • CM’s Overseed (Fall)

CM’s Complete is our most popular lawn care package. It pairs your preferred fertilizer program with our double-plug aeration giving your lawn what it needs to t