There are a lot of different options to consider when it comes to developing a new or upgrading your existing landscaping concept. Things like retaining walls, turf, planting beds, walkways, decks, patios, and pergolas tend to garner a lot of attention. Yet something as simple as accent lighting can take these features and make them pop!

At CM’s our designers and professional installers have years of experience helping homeowners accent the features of their landscaping and home with a wide range of accent lights. If your children like to play outdoors at sunset or after dark adding accent lights to your landscaping and home can help keep them safe. It’s also worth keeping in mind that while accent lighting will certainly help highlight the physical characteristics of your home they also help with security.

There are different types of outdoor lighting to consider. CM’s designers and lighting specialists can help you understand the options that are best for your home and landscaping concept.

Power And Costs

Twenty or so years ago outdoor lighting was the sort of thing that made an angry buzz as you watched your electric meter spin wildly. These inefficient lights have gradually given way to modern technology and innovation. Today there are many different types of outdoor lights to consider. The vast majority are designed to have a minimal electric cost, some even have a zero-power footprint.

Whenever possible CM’s designers and installers use low-voltage outdoor light fixtures such as LED lights and halogen fixtures. Both these options employ low-energy light bulbs which have been specifically designed by the manufacturer to consume a fraction of the electricity used by standard lighting options. They also have a reputation for long lifespans as well as superior durability. This helps you to not only save money on your electric bill, it also minimizes the overall electric impact of your landscape lighting concept.