Our weekly mowing, trimming, and blowing service not only helps maintain your lawn’s visual appeal, it can also help with pest control. Ticks, certain ant species, and many other kinds of insects prefer to use long grass to move beyond the perimeter of your yard. This brings them increasingly closer to your home. Our basic lawn maintenance service helps keep your lawn short and neat to prevent these issues. We also keep our trained eye out for any other pest or turf health issues to catch them early.

Even if you don’t subscribe to our weekly service and you find yourself in a situation where you are behind on cutting the grass, and you will be hosting an event at your home, you need only call us to schedule a time. We can take care of your yard, while you take care of the other important details.

  • EAB

  • Bagworm

  • Japanese Beetle

  • Deep Root Fertilization

  • Pruning + Removal

  • Spray + Injection Treatments

  • Winter Tree Care

Plant Management

  • Mosquito, Flea + Tick Control

  • Home Perimeter Protection

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CM’s offers various lawn care maintenance programs that can be tailored to your needs.

The truth is that not everyone is born with a green thumb and many people struggle to find the time in their busy lives to maintain their lawn, softscape, hardscape, and other landscaping features. Even if you can maintain your own lawn with ease, or you are one of those people born with the special gene that drives the passion for mowing grass, chances are good that seasonal changes in your landscaping can still be time-consuming.

It’s also worth noting that some large residential, commercial, or multi-family housing facility and don’t have staff available to help with landscape maintenance. In these situations, a site manager might be overtasked with adequately maintaining the landscaping features along with their other important duties.

Fortunately, CM’s offers a wide range of landscaping maintenance services for a very reasonable cost. We will customize services that is right for your property depending on its overall size as well as the complexity of your hardscape and softscape features.

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