Sprinkler Winterization Tips

A lawn irrigation system is one of the best insurance policies you can make to preserve the appearance of your new or existing landscaping. A verdant green lawn, healthy trees, thriving shrubs, and other softscape features all rely on adequate water. Short and long-term droughts can stress your lawn and other plants, causing damage and potentially leading to dead spots.

A healthy green lawn needs regular watering in dry conditions. The relative amount it needs can vary depending on the local weather trends, the soil characteristics, and available soil moisture. Once an area of turf has dried, out it can take up to three times as much water to adequately saturate it and the underlying soil.

These days irrigation systems are sophisticated and often need professional installation and maintenance to maximize their results. CM’s has years of experience installing irrigation systems of every scale including residential and commercial. Our professionally trained irrigation specialists can assess your property’s watering needs to design the system that is best for your landscaping.

If you have an existing irrigation system that needs repair or upgrading, we can help with that too. We’ll assess the turf and softscape characteristics of your property to determine the areas that need to be repaired, replaced, or fully upgraded. This includes options designed to make the most out of every drop of water.

Cost-Efficient Watering

Simple sprinklers attached to the end of a hose tend to waste a lot of water. Large amounts tend to end up pooling in the turf and subsoil near the sprinkler head, while the perimeter ends up getting a small amount of scattered water. Even some older irrigation systems run into this problem.

Ultimately you end up wasting water near the sprinkler head just to provide the perimeter grass with the minimum amount of water it needs to survive. Sprinkler head placement can further add to these inefficiencies. A sprinkler system that over-shoots the boundaries of your lawn can waste a large amount of water on the sidewalk, or street as runs down the curb to the storm sewer.

However, a lawn that has a well-designe