There are many features that can go into a modern landscaping design. Hardscape is the term most often used for physical features that may do things like hold plants and other softscape elements. Hardscape can also play a functional role in your outdoor space by doing things like defining a walkway, creating a non-slip patio around a pool, or even providing the structural components for a firepit and outdoor kitchen.

Adding hardscape features to your landscaping concept can also boost your home’s curb appeal and potential even increase the sale value of your home. Indeed, some sources speculate that adding landscaping and hardscape concepts to your property can increase its value by as much as 15-to-20%.

Hardscape comes in a variety of forms and there are some popular elements to consider. CM’s Custom Landscape designers can help you understand each option, the materials that will work best for your vision, and their impact on the project’s budget.

An open-air place for people to gather for eating and entertainment usually serves as a start attraction in most landscaping concepts. The size of a deck or patio can be influenced by the proximity to the house. Many people who don’t necessarily have a large area to accommodate a deck will also consider adding a patio in a second location. This is even more likely to be the case if a certain area gets a lot of sun, or you simply want your outdoor entertaining area to be close to the kitchen.

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Provide physical structure to do things like hold softscape planting beds. They are especially helpful if your hard or new landscaping concept has changes in elevation. In some cases. a retaining wall is absolutely essential for preventing long and short-term erosion problems.

Most retaining walls are made from landscaping blocks that are held together in some way. However, this is not the only option for a retaining wall. Natural stone, with professionally applied concrete as a mortar can also create a very attractive retaining wall. In some application, treated wood can also be used to create a retaining wall or a smaller feature such as steps connecting the public sidewalk to an elevated yard.

Retaining walls and landscape bricks can also be used to create raised beds for flowers or general gardening. Planting softscape like annual flowers or ornamental perennials in these areas can further enhance the visual appeal of your landscaping or simply provide an organic sight block between something like an outdoor entertainment space and the road.

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Might primarily serve as a way to outline the path from point A to point B. Yet by accenting them with attractive pavers, custom shaped concrete, or natural stone, you add to the visual appeal of your landscaping, while also preserving the nearby turf from foot traffic.

Steps And Ramps

Changes in elevation usually call for steps or an easy access ramp. There is a broad range of materials that can be used, based on your overarching landscaping concept. Steps and ramps are often included in retaining wall plants, but they can also serve a basic function such as providing access to a deck or patio area.

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In the past, outdoor cooking was limited to a grill on the back deck. Guests were often inside or at another location leaving one or two dutiful grillers to handle basic meal prep. Side dishes were often cooked in the kitchen. If the grill chef needed to replenish their beverage they were often left to hold it up and hope someone noticed.

Today’s technological advancements in grills, refrigerators, and other outdoor cooking appliances allow for outdoor kitchens to be a functional reality in your landscaping concept. This transforms the outdoor cooking area from a place where one or two people toiled in obscurity, into an area that can serve as the center of attention.

CM’s has spent years working with homeowners to capture their vision for their outdoor space to create the landscaping and hardscape features they’ve always dreamed of. We offer professional design services installed by experienced technicians. At every step along the way we will work with you to answer your questions as we turn your landscaping vision into a reality.

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While they are largely ornamental, they do provide ambiance and a sense of nature in a landscaping concept. These days more and more people are also including living features in ponds such as natural plants and fish like coy. Modern-day materials and improvements in landscaping techniques now allow for more creativity than ever.

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Come in many forms. Some are merely ornamental, intended to provide light and visual appeal to an outdoor entertainment area. Others are meant to be a gathering place, where the fire is functional, providing warmth and maybe even the chance to roast a hotdog or melt a marshmallow on the end of a skewer.

Years ago a fire pit was little more than a circle of stones with some burning logs in the middle. Maybe there were some local laws that told you just how big your fire pit could be. Today, fire pits have taken on many different forms. Some are ornamental braziers that sit on metal tables, others are brick circles specifically built into other hardscape features. Others are a more polished take on the classic fire circle in the yard.

Fire pits tend to be places that attract people and chairs. Over time foot traffic, stray embers, and chairs moving back and forth can wear down and even kill the grass. Surrounding a fire pit with a brick, or stone patio helps maintain the areas visual appeal. Even something like a simple fire ring might benefit from some tamped sand or gravel surrounding it.

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Including a quality pergola in your outdoor entertainment area plans serves several purposes. Depending on the type of roof you want to have it can provide you with shade structure, and even a place to go when a stray rain shower passes overhead. Some covered pergolas even have insect netting walls that run on rails and zipper together. When you don’t want them they stay tied to the foundation posts looking like little more than attractive curtains.

They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials, with many special features to consider. CM’s design team can help you sort through all the various options to come up with a pergola design that matches your vision while also accounting for your available budget.

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There are a lot of different options to consider when it comes to developing a new or upgrading your existing landscaping concept. Things like retaining walls, turf, planting beds, walkways, decks, patios, and pergolas tend to garner a lot of attention. Yet something as simple as accent lighting can take these features and make them pop!

At CM’s our designers and professional installers have years of experience helping homeowners accent the features of their landscaping and home with a wide range of accent lights. If your children like to play outdoors at sunset or after dark adding accent lights to your landscaping and home can help keep them safe. It’s also worth keeping in mind that while accent lighting will certainly help highlight the physical characteristics of your home they also help with security

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CM’s has spent over two decades providing professional concrete services for residential, commercial, and industrial sites all around the Omaha, Nebraska area. Whenever necessary our masons and technicians can work alongside other subcontractors on the same site. We are well versed and able to handle things like project requirements, as well as state and local regulations, and codes that apply.

Our professionally trained masons can work with exterior hardscape concrete features as well as interior concrete elements. If necessary, we can also help with gaining permits, and project clean up. It’s also worth noting that CM’s is budget conscious and we own much of our own equipment, which helps lower the overall cost to you.

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