A Different Way of Doing Business

The Great Game of Business® (GGOB) is an open-book management system that works through educating all employees at every level of an organization about the financial aspects of the business. By understanding the “business side” of the company, our entire team is equipped with knowledge necessary to make better decisions — decisions that improve the long-term success of the company, facilitate a team-oriented, forward thinking culture, and personally strengthen each individual team member.

At CM’s, we believe that we can only deliver the exceptional level of service we have promised our clients if we have a team of empowered people working together towards a shared vision.

The Power Of Transparency

The goal of GGOB is to educate, empower, and engage employees at a higher-level such that all feel a sense of ownership in the company, and that all starts with transparency. Every week, CM’s employees gather for a huddle. During this 30-minute meeting, we look at the current financial health of the company and collaborate on ways to improve as a team. This sets the stage for innovative, efficient work that flows through to the services we provide, and the value we offer our clients.

Developing A Sense Of Teamwork

GGOB is built around the analogy of a game, and like any game, there are rules, players, a team, and of course, wins and losses. Through financial education, CM’s provides a common language to better comprehend the game we play and how our individual efforts affect the success of the whole.

“People support what they help create.”

Employees at every level participate in High-Involvement Planning™ where we set company goals and benchmarks for success. Because we include our people in the decision-making process from the beginning, we create accountability within the team and a culture of communication and cooperation that strengthens the relationships we develop at work.

A Stake in The Outcome

Of course, long-term business success for the organization is a stated objective of GGOB, but just as importantly, we play The Game to create personal success for our employees. Through continuous professional training we make sure that our team has the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in the field. Armed with basic financial knowledge, we believe that our team is better equipped to problem-solve, both at work and at home.

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