Garden & Flower Bed Installation & Maintenance

Softscape features like flowerbeds, raised beds, and gardens help accentuate other landscaping features and provide visual appeal. However, plants go through natural changes throughout the season. Simple maintenance measures applied at the right time helps keep softscape features vibrant.

If you have a significant amount of softscape, or you simply don’t have a lot of free time, CM’s can help maintain your gardens, flowerbeds, and raised beds at a very reasonable cost.

New Garden Design And Installation

Buying a new home or making a major change in your landscaping can be a very exciting time. Understanding the full scope of options available to you, and what will thrive best for your location and soil type can be staggering.

Fortunately, the trained professionals at CM’s have years of experience helping property owners choose the best plants and flowers for their planting beds, gardens, raised beds, and container gardens. Whether you want functionality or cosmetic appeal, we can help with design, installation, and planting as well as maintenance.

Perennial and Seasonal Color Planting

Many plants change their appearance throughout the season. Long-Day plants tend to flower as the days grow longer. Short-Day plants tend to flower more as the days grow shorter. Some plants even change the color of their foliage throughout the year.

Careful planning and augmenting plantings can help accent flowerbeds as well as other landscaping features. CM’s can help you understand your options and make recommendations that best fit your existing softscape and hardscape features.