Each lawn has its own unique characteristics and needs. These factors can change over time and even during the change of seasons. CM’s has a team of highly trained and experienced lawn care technicians who can quickly assess your lawn’s needs to present you with effective options for maintaining healthy turf.

In many of these cases, augmenting the soil’s nutrient profile or making minor changes to the soil chemistry can help improve current conditions or make the most out of the season yet to come. There are different options for you to consider.

Weed Prevention

Taking control of weeds is a big, complex task. When your landscaping bed is prepared properly, the task becomes easier in the long run. Factors such as herbicides, soil type, mulches,  and slope all play a part in weed prevention. Our team is experienced in all the methods to prevent and eliminate weeds from taking over your landscape. We understand exactly how to tackle any type of weed problem that you could possibly encounter. Our landscaping experts got you covered with exemplary landscaping and lawn care options for any size property in residential or commercial environments.

Annual And Natural Fertilization Programs

Most lawns benefit from a year-round fertilization strategy. Grass and other plants often need different nutrients in spring when they are getting started, compared to the fall when they are preparing for the dormancy period of winter.

CM’s can tailor make a fertilization program that will provide your lawn with the nutrient it needs at the right times when it needs it most. This can include other factors such as weed prevention and remediation as well as pest control methods to help your lawn maintain it’s beauty year after year.