A few decades ago landscaping was largely thought of as being little more than the grass growing on your lawn and maybe the occasional edging on a flower bed. Every now and then a piece of property on a hill needed a basic retaining wall to hold back the persistent forces of erosion.

Today landscaping has become an ever-present element in just about every residential location and commercial property. In many applications it serves a functional as well as aesthetic role. Retaining walls need not be utilitarian features holding a hillside in place, and a flower bed need not only be defined by just the colorful flowers that grow there.

Residential landscaping can have a profound impact on a homes curb appeal and may even affect its value. Commercial properties with tastefully designed and professionally maintained landscaping also find it easier to attract tenant, clients, and guests. Properly maintained softscape and hardscape features can even reduce a commercial properties liability risk.

CM’s is a full-service landscaping company located headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. We have been providing landscaping services including design, maintenance, and seasonal services to the area for over twenty years. Our menu of services is broad and comprehensive.

CM’s uses Design/Build principles as part of our full-service approach. This essentially means that you will be working under the same umbrella throughout the process from design through installation, which saves you a lot of time and money. It also spares you the stress of having to go back and forth between various contractors.

We are passionate about providing the highest degree of service during every step of the process. We start by closely listening to all your landscape needs while gathering key information. You will have the opportunity to connect with one of our landscaping designers who can start the process of developing your vision. A site survey and concept drawing will help bring us closer to implementation. At that point we can take any additional feedback you have and apply it to planning process.

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Landscape Installation

Our meticulous attention to detail further helps with cost-efficient construction. The landscaping plan will include a scheduled start date as well as a detailed timeline for completion.

We understand that your landscaping project represents a significant investment in more than just money. We want you to feel the quality of your investment every time you use or view your outdoor space. This includes taking your critical feedback during the design process as well as sourcing high-quality materials on time and on budget. CM’s is always striving to stay up to date with all the newest landscaping techniques, materials, products and technology. This includes continued educational opportunities for all levels of our staff. This allows us to apply landscaping best practices to all our landscape designs and installation plans.

Our range of installation services includes softscape such as planting beds with shrubs, perennials, annuals, and grasses as well as trees. Wherever necessary we can adjust the soil within beds to increase depth as well as improve the general nutrient profile. This can also include applying mulch and other organic ground covers.

CM’s also specializes in hardscape installation of things like walls, retaining walls, and steps as well as decks, patios, walkways and driveways with pavers, flagstones or aesthetic concrete.

Our paver and patio design team members can help you understand the materials that will work best for your project. We can work closely with you to help choose the patterns, designs, and special features to maximize aesthetics as well as functionality.

Our primary goal at every step of the process is to provide you with the kind of landscaping that you are sure to enjoy for many long years to come.

Patios are sometimes known by other terms like veranda or lanai. They provide a comfortable outdoor space near a home that can also serve as an entertainment area. Most patios are paved or made from pavers or natural stone. Decks tend to be made from wood, vinyl, or hybrid materials like capped composite.

These outdoor spaces can also host special features like an outdoor fire pit, grill, pergola, steps, or other features like accent lighting. There are many different materials to consider in the construction of a deck or patio.

Concrete is very functional material that is known for its durability. Since it starts in a liquid or slurry state, it can be poured into just about any shape you can imagine. Modern-day additives and formulations have made it just about as resistant to chipping and cracking as conventional paving stones.

A patio paved with natural stone provides charm as well as adding natural beauty to your outdoor entertainment space. There are many different options available such as flagstones, cut sandstone and more. While natural stone is popular, it can also be costly and labor intensive to install and often needs another medium like concrete to account for the irregular spaces between stones. Modern technology and material advancements offer stones made from artificial materials that look very much like they come straight from nature.

Another popular option for patio construction is interlocking paving stones. They have a reputation for being durable as well as visually appealing. Manufacturers offer a wide range of colors and materials to match just about any vision you have for your patio space. They are designed to stand up to seasonal weather year after year.

There are many different special features that can be incorporated into a deck or patio design including

  • Arbors
  • Pergola – covered or uncovered
  • Grill or outdoor kitchen
  • Fountains
  • Pools
  • Hot tub
  • Accent lighting
  • Planters
  • Integrated seating and tables
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If your yard has significant changes in pitch and elevation it may likely benefit from one or more retaining walls. Not only do they help provide physical structure for holding things like softscape planting beds, they are especially helpful for preventing possible erosion issues.

CM’s designers might also recommend some form of retaining wall for steps used to connect your front door to the public sidewalk. Railings and other features can then be integrated for added safety.

There are different materials that can be used for constructing a retaining wall. The one that is right for your landscaping concept may vary depending on the characteristics of your yard and soil, as well as your personal preference.

Modular block retaining walls are a very popular option for most homeowners as well as commercial properties that need a retaining wall. They are created just like manufactured concrete masonry blocks. They have a long-standing reputation for success and durability.

Boulder or natural rock retaining walls are sourced directly from nature, to provide your retaining wall with a natural, organic feel. With walls like this concrete is needed as an effective mortar to bind the boulders and rocks together into a firm aggregate. If there are significant changes in your lawn’s elevation additional bracing measure may be needed.

Wood retaining walls offer a warm organic look. They are relatively low in cost and can be made from materials like redwood, pressure treated fir, or recycled railroad ties that have been treated with creosote.

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Might primarily serve as a way to outline the path from point A to point B. Yet by accenting them with attractive pavers, custom shaped concrete, or natural stone, you add to the visual appeal of your landscaping, while also preserving the nearby turf from foot traffic.

Steps And Ramps

Changes in elevation usually call for steps or an easy access ramp. There is a broad range of materials that can be used, based on your overarching landscaping concept. Steps and ramps are often included in retaining wall plants, but they can also serve a basic function such as providing access to a deck or patio area.

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In the past, outdoor cooking was limited to a grill on the back deck. Guests were often inside or at another location leaving one or two dutiful grillers to handle basic meal prep. Side dishes were often cooked in the kitchen. If the grill chef needed to replenish their beverage they were often left to hold it up and hope someone noticed.

Today’s technological advancements in grills, refrigerators, and other outdoor cooking appliances allow for outdoor kitchens to be a functional reality in your landscaping concept. This transforms the outdoor cooking area from a place where one or two people toiled in obscurity, into an area that can serve as the center of attention.

CM’s has spent years working with homeowners to capture their vision for their outdoor space to create the landscaping and hardscape features they’ve always dreamed of. We offer professional design services installed by experienced technicians. At every step along the way we will work with you to answer your questions as we turn your landscaping vision into a reality.

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Water features are increasingly popular with many new and updated landscaping concepts. Waterfalls, fountains and ponds can all be added to other hardscape features as highlights or accent pieces.

Waterfalls and ponds are most commonly made from concrete which is a versatile material that can take just about any shape you can imagine. A waterfall often works in tandem with a pond, which serves as a drainage area and reservoir. Some ponds are standalone features that can support fish like coy and other aquatic life. CM’s has a design team that has successful helped many clients realize the water feature of their dreams.

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Fire pits have always been popular features for any outdoor entertainment area. These days fireplaces and other fire features are also increasingly popular for their visual appeal. CM’s offers a wide range of fire features that can be designed and customized to your match your imagination.

These days more and more homeowners who are developing new landscaping concepts or who are updating their existing hardscape are interested in adding a fire feature. There are several different options and materials to consider. CM’s design team can walk you through all your various options to find the one that best matches your vision as well as your budget.

Modern day fire pits have taken on several different forms. Exploring your options can help you understand which one is right for your hardscape concepts and entertainment space. Surrounding a fire pit with a brick, or stone patio helps maintain the areas visual appeal. Even something like a simple fire ring might benefit from some tamped sand or gravel surrounding it.

Ornamental braziers often sit on metal tables, some are rated to sit on a deck. Brick fire pits use fire rated bricks for added safety. Metal rings and stone circles are classic options for containing a fire.

Outdoor fireplaces can have a few variations. CM’s design team can help you understand your options to choose the one that works best for your outdoor entertainment space.

Ornamental fireplaces tend to be more like visual accent pieces that happen to use fire. While some are electric most run on either propane or a municipal source of natural gas. Wood burning outdoor fireplaces are also very popular. Some people will prefer them over a fire pit made from natural stones, a ring or bricks, or a metal enclosure. The exterior of the fireplace can then be finished in different styles to match the rest of your hardscape features.

Including a quality pergola or other shade structure in your outdoor entertainment area provides you with some of the comforts of the indoors while still being outside! Some are designed with insect netting walls that run on rails and zipper together. Some pergolas are designed to take the weight of vining plants.

They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials, with many special features to consider. CM’s design team can help you sort through all the various options to come up with a pergola design that matches your vision while also accounting for your available budget.

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There are a lot of different lighting options to consider when it comes to developing a new or upgrading your existing landscaping concept. Many hardscape features like retaining walls, planting beds, walkways, decks, patios, and pergolas benefit from some accent lighting. At the same time, a house with accent lighting is safer, less likely to attract would-be intruders, and has more visual curb appeal at night.

At CM’s our designers and professional installers have years of experience helping homeowners accent the features of their landscaping and home with a wide range of accent lights. Some options to consider include:

  • Path lighting for walkways and driveways
  • Grazing lights to accent your home’s exterior features
  • Tree and bed lighting to help your softscape features pop at night
  • Spread lighting for water features
  • Step and deck lighting for safe ingress and egress
  • Holiday lighting can be professionally installed by our technicians
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CM’s has spent over two decades providing professional concrete services for residential, commercial, and industrial sites all around the Omaha, Nebraska area. Whenever necessary our masons and technicians can work alongside other subcontractors on the same site. We are well versed and able to handle things like project requirements, as well as state and local regulations, and codes that apply.

Our professionally trained masons can work with exterior hardscape concrete features as well as interior concrete elements. If necessary, we can also help with gaining permits, and project clean up. It’s also worth noting that CM’s is budget conscious and we own much of our own equipment, which helps lower the overall cost to you.

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