A few decades ago landscaping was largely thought of as being little more than the grass growing on your lawn and maybe the occasional edging on a flower bed. Every now and then a piece of property on a hill needed a basic retaining wall to hold back the persistent forces of erosion.

Today landscaping has become an ever-present element in just about every residential location and commercial property. In many applications it serves a functional as well as aesthetic role. Retaining walls need not be utilitarian features holding a hillside in place, and a flower bed need not only be defined by just the colorful flowers that grow there.

Residential landscaping can have a profound impact on a homes curb appeal and may even affect its value. Commercial properties with tastefully designed and professionally maintained landscaping also find it easier to attract tenant, clients, and guests. Properly maintained softscape and hardscape features can even reduce a commercial properties liability risk.

CM’s is a full-service landscaping company located headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. We have been providing landscaping services including design, maintenance, and seasonal services to the area for over twenty years. Our menu of services is broad and comprehensive.