Q.  Should I water my trees during the winter months?

A.  During the late fall and early winter months tree roots are actively growing, even when there are no leaves on

hawthorn tree 2the trees. Extended periods of mild, dry weather can damage the root system. Evergreen trees are especially prone to winter damage because they continue to lose moisture through their needles all year. Trees should be watered once every 20-30 days during extended dry periods without snow cover. Watering should only be done when air and soil temperatures are 40 degrees or higher. Watering mid day is best so that the soil can absorb the water before it freezes. Lay a garden hose under the drip line of the tree and let the water slowly run until it begins to pool. Repeat in several different spots around the tree. If the tree is on a slope or hill and the water runs off, a sprinkler head attached to the hose can be used.

Here are two websites to help determine current soil temperatures in your area: http://gretnawx.net/index.php and http://cropwatch.unl.edu/web/cropwatch/cropwatchsoiltemperature

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