Fall armyworms are pests that are more common in southern regions of the United States. Occasionally though, summer storms push them farther north where they can wreak havoc on our Nebraska crops and lawns. Armyworm larvae (caterpillars) love to feed on corn and turfgrass and can devastate plants quickly.

Although armyworms don’t survive our cold winters, they only need a few days to completely eat through a lawn. If you notice turf damage or browning, find caterpillars (pictured below), or discover web-like egg clusters, there is a good chance you have armyworms. Don’t worry, killing them is easy —when it comes to mitigating armyworm damage, early detection and treatment are critical.

Treatment Pricing

Lawns Up To 10,000 sq. ft.

$150+ tax

For lawns over 10,000 sq. ft., add $15 per additional 1,000 sq. ft.

Depending on the severity of damage left behind, your lawn may require additional aeration and overseeding. During treatment, our turf professionals will evaluate the damage, and if determined necessary, will provide an estimate for additional services.

If you have confirmed or suspect armyworms in your lawn, complete the form below (don’t forget to upload pics). By submitting the form, you are authorizing CM’s to treat your lawn for armyworms (if present) at the above pricing structure.