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30 09, 2013

Tree Care Omaha – What Kind of Tree Should I Plant in My Yard?

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There are a few important issues to consider when choosing a tree to plant. What will be the mature size of the tree? All too often we see a tree that looked great close to the house when it was first planted but over the years grew too large for the site and had to [...]

23 09, 2013

Ho! Ho! Ho! or “I Don’t Think So!” – LED Christmas Lights

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Does the annual task of hanging the holiday lights have you saying, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” or is it more “I Don’t Think So!”?  Regardless of which group you fall into, this is one chore you can cross off your holiday to-do list with the help of CM’s A Cut Above! Whether you are considering outlining [...]

19 09, 2013

Omaha Tree Care – Fall webworm

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 I’ve been told my trees have fall webworm.  Does this mean I will lose my tree? The damage done by the fall webworm looks much more devastating than it actually is. The webbing in the tree usually appears in late July or early August. The webbing starts at the ends of the branches and expands [...]

17 09, 2013

Omaha Turf Care – last third of the growing season

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In the last third of the growing season, it is important to focus on what keeps a healthy lawn healthy and what can improve a lawn challenged by climate and/or disease. The first thing we encourage is vigilance.  At this time of year, there is a tendency to tire of the turf care practices of [...]